The Rite of Spring and our own Spring Celebrations


One of the directions we ended up going while researching Lauren Stringer‘s book, When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky was a discussion of the meaning of the word Rite and how we celebrate and symbolize spring in our own rites.  This became a religious discussion for us because we are getting ready for First Communion and preparing for Easter. It can be much simpler than that though.

Simple Kids has some great suggestions for celebrating spring with our kids.  All of the ideas in this article sound fun, but we particularly like the idea of growing wheat grass for Easter baskets.  Not only would it eliminate that awful green plastic grass, it would be a great way to introduce it into our juicing in a way that might get the kids excited about it instead of turned off.  Hopefully, if they helped to grow it, they would be interested in eating it, too.

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