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Tour Moms

State Parks aren’t necessarily free, but a one-year vehicle permit is only $25.00.  I think Tour Moms  Minnesota State Parks Series is worth bookmarking for my future use.  We won’t be broke forever, and when we can, I want to travel around and learn as much about Minnesota as I knew about Wisconsin growing up.  I think its important to learn about your home state, and Minnesota will always be my kids’ home state  This week’s post was about Mystery Cave State Park.  She has 12 parks covered so far.


PhenoMNal Twin Cities

I love all the little block parties that pop up in the Twin Cities in the summer.  There a good way to have a little grown up fun with kids in tow.  This week, Stephanie from PhenoMNal Twin Cities has the details onThe Pat’s Tap Block Party.




Minneapolis Parks Activepass Information

Minneapolis Parks require an “ActivePass” for a lot of the activities they offer.  I think anyone who is serious about finding Free Family Fun activities needs to utilize the park system, but for something so important, they don’t make it easy to find the information on it.  So here is a cut and paste of the information I was able to find on the ActivePass, and I’m sorry, but I do not have a link or a reference for you.

“Park Patrons who use the recreation centers for a variety of year round programs are encouraged to sign up for an ActivePass card. This card is usable at all recreation centers in the Minneapolis Park system and allows entrance to such programs as open gym, parent and tot playtime and lounge games. Youth below the age of 18 are required to have parent permission prior to receiving this card. The first ActivePass card is free but there is a charge for all replacement cards. Programs that require an ActivePass card are noted as ActivePass Programs.

The ActivePass card is also used by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board water parks and golf courses. ActivePass Program Packages are added to your ActivePass Card at your request. Some programs have an activity fee associated with them and must be purchased before participating in those programs. If you have questions about the ActivePass Card or programs please talk to your local park staff.”

So, the moral of this little story is check out your local recreation center and ask about the ActivePass, then sign up for your local Community Service Area newsletter to find out all the free and low-cost park activities in your area.

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