Brush Up Your Shakespeare with The Cromulent Shakespeare Company



Set up your blanket or lawn chair, bring a picnic and enjoy a little bit of Shakespeare. The Cromulent Shakespeare Company is in the midst of its production season.

This year, they are performing The Merry Wives of Windsor, which centers around courtship: three potential suitors vie for the affections of the lovely and eligible Anne Page while opportunist Sir John Falstaff attempts to woo two married women of Windsor. Hilarity ensues with disguises, mistaken identity and busybody matchmaking. “Think of it as an Elizabethan ‘Real Housewives of Windsor’,” says director Erin Caswell.

The show will go on unless weather conditions are dangerous, so dress appropriately.

I’ve found it hard to hear at some city parks with planes and traffic, so I think this is a good weekend to hit them up.  Either Franconia or Caponi would most likely be quieter than a Minneapolis park.  I’ve included the rest of the season, so you can pick your most convenient date:

I’ve been thinking about some fun ways to introduce Shakespeare and theater in general to my kids.  This would be a fun start, but experience has taught me that one of us will probably be at the playground with the little ones so the other one can enjoy the play.  So, these are some other ways I was thinking we could introduce the love of Shakespeare — separately or maybe to peek the kids interest beforehand.

  • I actually found a good amount of books at all different levels through Hennepin County Library. This would be tough to pull off this late in the game.  I would have to order several books (based on their covers) and then hope they arrive before the weekend and that one of the books works for my kids.  But, for future reference, we could do a good study of Shakespeare through the library.
  • Kids Love Shakespeare offers several grade-school level activities and games you could play as a family to bring the plays to life.  For the preschoolers, Under the Golden Apple Tree offers lesson ideas. Although both of these sites are offering actual lesson plan ideas, much of what they offer could be converted to a little family fun.
  • My favorite option is the dress up box and a stage.  Family Fun Magazine has directions for building a stage for your backyard.  A rug or a large flat piece of cardboard would probably work, too.

I’d love to hear other ideas.  Hit me up on Facebook if you have any good suggestions.

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