The Friday Calendar Round-Up


This weekend’s calendar was hard to get onto one screen to take the screenshot.  I expect the summer to kind of go that way. I’ve started calendaring the Mpls Music in the Parks; and by next week I hope to have the music and movies all calendared.  In the meantime you can click the link for the a list.  There is just no reason to miss out on live local music in the summertime if you are interested in it.


  • If you want to get out of the 90 degree heat, you could pop over to the MOA for a viewing of Mouse Hunt.
  • If you plan to brave the crowds at the Como Pool, you could take breaks for any of the Saturday activities at the zoo.
  • We may head over to Franconia to catch Phantom Tails.  A long drive in air conditioning may be just what we are looking for at that time.


  • Sunday is a Target Family Day at the MIA.  That could be a great way to spend a warm and wet afternoon.
  • My calendar lists the Free Family Fun Day at Carl Kroenig Interpretive Center as “Pond Critters”, but it is “Feed Me”.  Your family can have a chance to feed turtles and salamanders and other creatures.
  • The Northeast Catholic Churches have their Eucharistic Procession this Sunday.  We’ve participated in this in the past, it’s a little like a parade going from one Catholic Church to the next in Northeast.  Each church in the procession has its own unique architectural beauty.  It starts at Holy Cross Catholic Church on University.  You can join or just watch and their are treats served at the last church.  A bus is available afterwards to get your family back to the start point.

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