40 Free (Or Nearly Free) Summer Activities for Kids from Centsible Life


Here is a nice article from Centsible Life on free summer activities.

Today I realized that my kids only have 12 more days left in the school year. In realizing that my children get out of school in mid-May, which is NOT summer, I am finally forced to start thinking about how to entertain my kids in other ways than my lovely chore chart that I bring out every time I hear the words, “I’m bored.” But more importantly I am thinking about how to entertain my kids this summer without breaking, smashing, or destroying my budget. In doing my research I have created a list of 40 free or nearly free summer activities for kids (other than the chore chart which you could easily make #41). I hope that you can use this list of activities as well.   Go here for the rest of the article.

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